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About Alyson Gerwe

Alyson Gerwe is a freelance web designer/developer/consultant, currently working from Cincinnati, OH (USA). She has been designing and developing websites since 2001. Alyson started her business with the hope of helping someone's business to grow.

Freelancing also allows her to continue servicing her clients even if she moves to a different city. She currently has clients in Philadelphia, Atlanta, Rwanda, Trinidad and Tobago, and Cincinnati. Working as a freelancer, she has very little overhead, so she passes the savings onto her clients.

Alyson takes an honest, down-to-earth, personal approach to client relations. She develops a personal relationship with each of her clients and strives to maintain that relationship, so that the partnership in developing the client's site creates a successful web presence.

Alyson graduated in May 2005 from the University of Cincinnati College of Applied Science with a Bachelor Degree in Information Engineering Technology. She has a background in design, as she studied at the University of Cincinnati College of Design, Art, Architecture and Planning.

Contact Information

Phone: 513.703.3247

Email: alyson.gerwe@gmail.com

Online Chat: Google Talk (alyson.gerwe@gmail.com)

Web Phone and Video: Skype

Social Media: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter


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